Friday, July 04, 2014

Fight photos, Foxwoods, 7-2-14, second annual “50 Cent’s Birthday Bash”

Photos by JOHN SALATTO for The Cool Justice Report
OK for use w/ credit

New Haven’s Jimmy Williams mixes it up with Stephon Owusu of the Bronx en route to earning a unanimous decision in a 6-round super welterweight bout.
-- JOHN SALATTO photo via @cooljustice

Williams dropped Owusu in the second round and staggered him in the third, staying undefeated while recording his seventh win.
-- JOHN SALATTO photo via @cooljustice

Shelly Vincent of New London talks with reporters after winning a split decision over Nydia Feliciano of the Bronx in a 6-round super bantamweight slugfest. Vincent improved her record to 12 wins without a loss.
-- JOHN SALATTO photo via @cooljustice

Dancers who were part of Vincent’s grand entrance leave the ring.
-- JOHN SALATTO photo via @cooljustice

Promoter 50 Cent, aka Curtis James Jackson III, exits the ring after congratulating Australia’s Billy Dib. Dib won a 10-round decision over Alberto Garza of Mexico in a super featherweight bout.
-- JOHN SALATTO photo via @cooljustice

Corner man checks out Dib, who suffered a head butt in the first round. Dib, a former featherweight champion, improved his record to 37 wins against three losses.
-- JOHN SALATTO photo via @cooljustice

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  • Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Post Watergate Motto: 'We Eat Lawyers' Bones For Breakfast'

    Cool Justice Editor's Note:
    Watch in The Coming Months for 'More Cool Justice'
    - A Sequel to
  • 'Law & Justice in Everyday Life'

  • Dear Reader,

    This will be the last regular installment of Cool Justice for 21st Century Media in Connecticut. I have the pleasure of digging into a couple special assignments and expect to have some work in print with our group over the next few months.

    As Cool Justice concludes this chapter, I thought it would be fun to share a few remembrances ...

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  • Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information announces open government award recipients

  • Thursday, June 19, 2014

    Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information announces open government award recipients

  • Connecticut Newsroom post by Matt DeRienzo

  • Fire and brimstone from CCFOI President Jim Smith
    -- Bob Thiesfield photo

    HARTFORD -- A police chief, a state senator, an FOI Commission employee and two journalists have won the annual open government awards from the nonprofit Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information, which has been advocating for freedom of information for six decades.

    Blogger and Digital First Media columnist Andy Thibault received the Stephen A. Collins Award for his dogged pursuit on virtually every FOI battlefront in the past year ...

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  • Chief Matt Reed at Hartford Club with Mary Connolly, retired editorial page editor of the Danbury News Times. Behind Reed is Claude Albert, retired managing editor of the Hartford Courant.
    -- Bob Thiesfield photo

  • Blast from the past: Police Chief Matt Reed at Register Citizen newsroom cafĂ©

  • Big thanks to CCFOI, sources, readers, editors and colleagues from Cool Justice
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  • More Cool Justice: Loitering in Provincetown, I see the light

  • Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    Loitering in Provincetown, I see the light

    “Decade after decade, artists came to paint the light of Provincetown, and comparisons were made to the lagoons of Venice and the marshes of Holland … ”

    Norman Mailer tells us this in his fun novel, “Tough Guys Don’t Dance,” about a writer who finds a severed head in his marijuana patch.

    I got my copy at Tim’s Used Books, which is just a few feet from the Provincetown Book Shop on Commercial Street. Pound for pound, these two shops constitute perhaps the best book haven in New England for readers in search of inspiration, comfort and adventure.

    The poet Leo Connellan (“Crossing American,” “Provincetown,” “The Clear Blue Lobster Water Country” ) sent me here, but now I turn to a couple novelists and a hairdresser for navigational insights and contemplation ...

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